The best over-the-counter hearing aids that won’t break the bank

For the first time ever, millions of people worldwide no longer have to rely on prescription hearing aids as the only way to treat their mild-to-moderate hearing loss. For people who don’t have severe hearing loss, can’t afford prescription devices, or don’t have access to professional hearing care near their homes, over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are a life-changing, more-affordable solution that can help them stay connected and in the conversation.

Curious about which brand has the best over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids for sale? The answer is Sony. Well-known for producing some of the best audio devices in the world, Sony launched two of the best over-the-counter hearing aids earlier this year. HearUSA and Sony have partnered to bring better, more affordable hearing to millions of people in the U.S., and not surprisingly, they’re now one of the best-selling OTC devices on the market.
Meet the Sony CRE-E10 and CRE-C10 hearing aids

In April 2023, HearUSA announced the addition of the newest generation of Sony OTC hearing aids to our online Hearing Shop. Both are FDA-cleared4 and are easily set up at home through the Sony Hearing control app on your iphone or Android smartphone.

The best over-the-counter hearing aids that won’t break the bank

Sony CRE-E10

The Sony CRE-E10 is rechargeable with a fashionable, modern ear-bud-style design. This device is perfect for those who are always on the go, want to connect to their Bluetooth-enabled devices (things like your TV, car and smartphone), and prefer the cool earbud-style look. Because it looks like the latest and greatest in wearable technology, no one will even realize you’re wearing a hearing aid. 

Other features include:

  • A convenient rechargeable battery that offers up to 26 hours of all-day use.1
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy streaming from your other audio devices (iOS only).3
  • Technology that allows your hearing aids to automatically adjust to any environment.2
  • A built-in, high-quality noise reduction feature that filters out distracting background noise.
The best over-the-counter hearing aids that won’t break the bank

Sony CRE-C10

The Sony CRE-C10 is one of the smallest hearing aids to date and sits nearly-invisible inside your ear. This device is ideal for those who prefer their hearing aid to disappear and be unnoticeable, but still offer the best in sound clarity. This option costs a little less than the CRE-E10.

Other features include:

  • Up to 70 hours of non-stop use for all-day wear.1
  • Choice of four sleeve sizes to help you find your best fit.
  • The ability to automatically analyze and adapt to your surroundings to deliver natural sound.
  • Quality noise reduction technology and focused microphones for better hearing and clarity in situations with background noise.

Unsure if you need prescription or OTC hearing aids?

Both OTC devices are extremely affordable (with financing available if needed), offer world-class prescription-level sound, and have accomplished the difficult feat of blending comfort and high-end technology. There’s even a money-back guarantee if they end up not working for you. They’re also self-fitting, which means you don’t need a hearing test, prescription, or professional to order them and start wearing them immediately.

However, if you’re unsure if you need prescription or OTC hearing aids, give us a call. We’ll connect you to a hearing care professional at one of our local HearUSA shops to determine your level of hearing loss and which type of device may work best for you. Getting a professional hearing test is a great place to start, as it’s important to always have insight into your hearing health.

Why consumers are choosing HearUSA and Sony

Our 35 years of hearing loss expertise has made us the perfect partner for mega-company Sony and their desire to bring powerful sound to those with hearing loss. Working closely with their world-renowned audio engineers, we were able to identify how to best help people who have hearing loss and are also on a budget.  Our collaboration led to the birth of the high-quality Sony CRE-E10 and CRE-C10 hearing aids, now known as two of the most reliable OTC devices available to consumers today. 

Staying true to their reputation, Sony focused on delivering an entertainment aspect to make the hearing experience more unique, enjoyable and robust, which has set these devices apart from other brands’ OTC hearing aids. By partnering together, we were also able to identify and eliminate common pain points to make sure consumers could enjoy a longer battery life (the Sony CRE-E10 stays charged up to 26 hours)1, have a choice between two modern designs, and count on a longer device lifespan of five years — twice as long as other OTC hearing aids from other companies.

HearUSA clients have been reporting great feedback since we’ve added both the Sony CRE-E10 and CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids to our online store and also to HearUSA brick-and-mortar centers nationwide. 

“These Sony OTC hearing aids are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They do not itch or hurt my ear, and by using a small sleeve on one side and a medium on the other, they fit perfectly.“

Karen Simpson

“The C10's are impossible for anyone standing right in front of you to see.”

Ben Richardson

“After a quick, initial hearing test to personalize the C10's volume, you simply put them in your ear. Your hearing volume essentially doubles, and then you forget you're even wearing them. Simple and effective hearing assistance — just what the vast majority of the mild hearing-impaired population needs.”

Alex Calero

Remember, hearing is an integral part of your daily life. Investing in the right hearing aid can significantly enhance your overall well-being and quality of life. Any hearing aid is better than no hearing aid when you have hearing loss, and can help you protect the hearing you have left for years to come.

  1. Actual performance varies based on settings, environmental conditions, storage, and usage. Batteries are consumable products and their capacity degrades over time as they age. Sony does not guarantee the life span of the battery.
  2. Sony Hearing control app – Use app on smartphone to personalize settings. Download app at Google Play and the App Store. Network services, content, and operating system and software subject to terms and conditions and may be changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require registration.

  3. Interoperability and compatibility among Bluetooth® devices vary.

  4. FDA cleared as OTC self-fitting hearing aid intended to amplify sound for individuals 18 years of age or older with perceived mild to moderate hearing impairment.

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