EarPeace HD Earplugs

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High-fidelity, pair of reusable earplugs with acoustic filters designed to attenuate sound while preserving quality.

Packaged with three different filters to offer three NRR ratings

  1. Clear filter: 11 NRR
  2. Red filter: 14 NRR
  3. Black filter: 19 NRR

Additional features such as:

  • Backup ear plug
  • Dual flange design fits most ears, gently sealing the ear without hard edges
  • Made of safe, soft premium silicone that is hypoallergenic
  • Semi-transparent ear plug
  • Ideal for environments where music is playing
  • Black w/ black carrying case
  • Red w/ red carrying case
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EarPeace HD Earplugs

$15.14 $0.00( / )