Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock Clarity Telephone Amplifier Hearing Aid Sweat Band Pocketalker Ultra
Our Price: $178.95
Our Price: $28.95
Our Price: $22.95
Our Price: $118.95
Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock Clarity HA40 Telpehone Amplifier Hearing Aid Sweat Bands Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra
Lifetone Fire Alarm and Clock with 4 different alarm signals
Including lawn-mower-loud 520 Hz alarm, physical vibration bed shaker and bright, flashing LED "FIRE" message

Clarity® HA40
Phone Amplifier

Clarity Power™ makes telephone conversations louder, clearer and easier to understand.
Hearing Aid Sweat Bands™ protects aids without distorting sound.
Wear over BTE hearing aids to protect them from from the damaging effects of dust and dirt.
Williams Sound
Pocketalker® Ultra

Amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise--use with or without hearing aids.

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Sennheiser IS410 Wireless Set

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Sennheiser IS410 Set Wireless TV Listening Assistance
Sennheiser IS 410 Infrared Wireless TV /Stereo System
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