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Sennheiser RS 5000
TV Listening Systems provide assistive listening for people with any degree of hearing impairment. The hearing device amplifies the sound of a television or other medium allowing the user to modify volume settings to his personal preference. There are models for those who wear hearing aids and also for those who do not wear hearing aids. With today's assistive listening technology, you can now choose from wire, radio frequency, infrared, personal amplifiers or room speaker types.
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Conversor TV Pro PockeTalker 2.0 with Headphones + Dual Ear Buds Sennheiser RS 2000
Conversor TV Pro
Our Price: $299.00
Sennheiser RS 2000
List Price: $179.95
Our Price: $179.95
Conversor TV Pro works with your hearing aid, earphones or ear buds
so you can listen to the TV or other Audio source without increasing the volume on the TV.
New ergonomic design of the original PockeTalker Pro designed to improve communication in difficult listening situations; Built-in microphone picks up conversations with additional plug-in mic included in packaging to help during more difficult listening situations; Built-in t-coil enables user to hearing in looped environments; Right and left volume controls; Tone control; Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included) which lasts 100 hours; 2 listening options packaged including dual stereo headphones and earphones; 5 year warranty Providing cutting-edge digital wireless technology as well as intuitive handling, supreme wearing comfort and a long-lasting battery, the RS 2000 really lets you rediscover the joy of your TV program.
FLEX 5000 Lucid Audio Amplified Bluetooth Neck-band Earphones + Wireless TV Streamer Kare Audio Chair Speaker TV Listening System
FLEX 5000
List Price: $199.95
Our Price: $199.95
Kare Audio Chair Speaker TV Listening System
List Price: $229.99
Our Price: $219.95
Sale Price: $219.99
You save $10.04!
Optimized crystal-clear sound combined with the highest comfort. Turn your wired headphones into a wireless TV listening system

This sleek and elegant transmitter/receiver set brings Sennheiser audio expertise and leading edge digital wireless technology to those wishing to improve their TV viewing with a personalized listening experience. With three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, to choose from. Plus a unique Speech Intelligibility feature that reduces TV background noise for added clarity.

Wireless Bluetooth neck-band earphones allow the user to listen to music, television, cell phone conversation, and hear environmental sounds

Wireless TV Listening Speakers with Voice Enhancement designed to rest over the top of your couch, chair, recliner, or even headboard
Duett with Headphone & Earbuds Duett with Neckloop Sennheiser Digital Wireless TV Listening
Duett with Neckloop
Our Price: $219.95
Rechargeable hearing amplifier with sound designed to improve communication in difficult listening situations; Large volume buttons; Balance and tone control; Rechargeable batteries Rechargeable hearing amplifier with sound designed to improve communication in difficult listening situations; Large volume buttons; Balance and tone control; Rechargeable batteries TV listening system that wirelessly sends audio directly to headset; Penetrates through walls so user does NOT have to be in the same room as the TV to hear the TV; Large, ergonomic volume control on receiver; Balance control on receiver for setting volume of right and left ear individually; Receiver automatically turns on/off when it is put on/removed; Rechargeable battery operates up to 9 hours; Unit includes standard under-the-chin headset/receiver with earbuds
Sereonic TV Soundbox Wireless RF TV Speaker with Bluetooth
Wireless, portable TV speaker that allows for the individual to position the speaker near them as they watch TV; Improved sound quality - louder and richer sound; Improved battery life up to 10 hours of use with user replaceable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery; Built-in Bluetooth connectivity for your smart TV along with Optical and Analog connection; Listening range: 125 ft; Voice clarifying technology makes TV dialogue clearer; New snooze function - once activated the sound will decrease gradually and shutoff after 1 hour ; Volume control on portable speaker works independently from TV speaker; Transmitter connects to back of TV and serves as charging dock for speaker; 3.5mm headset jack on speaker; Dimensions:  9 x 7 x 3.25; One (1) year warranty