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Dry & Store Global Replacement Bulb
Replacement Bulb for Dry & Store Global
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Dry & Store® Global Replacement Bulb

The Replacement Bulb for Dry & Store is a special UV lamp is specifically for the Dry & Store Global and Dry & Store Global II. Unlike an ordinary fluorescent lamp, it is a specialty UV-V lamp for germicidal benefit.

Germicidal ultraviolet light is an effective, efficient, and sophisticated means of eliminating bacteria and germs on hearing instruments. It’s a proven scientific technique commonly used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces and water treatment facilities to kill bacteria. Germicidal lamps are not to be confused with sunlamps or blacklights, for while those are also “ultraviolet” lamps, the UV produced by those types have longer wavelengths and are not useful for germicidal applications.

Sunlight generally includes both the longwave UV and the middlewave UV regions. The lamp in Dry & Store Global II produces UV-C, which is the shortest wavelength. UV-C is also the most lethal to micro-organisms. By disrupting the organism’s DNA, UV-C effectively ends the reproductive cycle.
The Dry & Store germicidal lamp is a short wave low pressure mercury vapor tube that produces ultraviolet (UV-C) wavelengths that are lethal to micro-organisms. During its one-and-a-half minute cycle, just 90 seconds, the lamp will generate enough germicidal energy to yield a 99% kill on common bacteria found in the external ear canal.
  • 4 watts UV-C (@ 254nm, which is the peak germicidal wavelength) in the Global II model produces over 400 joules/m2 of UV-C energy.

  • For comparison purposes, a 90% kill on staphyllococcus aureus bacteria requires only 26 j/m2.

Elimination of this flora from hearing aids can significantly reduce itching and the reintroduction of infection-causing bacteria into the ear canal. To the user, this means less itching and irritation, and fewer recurring infections of the external ear canal. Note: The UV-C lamp is a surface sanitizer only, and it has little to no penetrating power. This means that it is not damaging to plastics or earmolds. (Germicidal lamps are not to be confused with sunlamps or blacklight lamps, for while those are also ultraviolet lamps, the UV produced by a sunlamp or blacklight is of longer wavelength and is not useful for germicidal applications.)