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Huggie Aids
Huggie Aids Hearing Aid Retainer For Children
Huggies Aids retainer for hearing devices
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Product Code: OAKHUG


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Huggie Aids Retains BTE Hearing Aids On Children
This hearing device retainer is a simple solution that works perfectly when you have a baby, toddler that wears hearing aids. Quick and easy for care-giver to slip around child's ear, yet helps hearing aids stay put on active child. Also handy for kids participating in sports activities

  • Prevents hearing aids from dropping on floor and getting dirtied or damaged
  • Prevents little hands from tampering with controls
  • Soft flexible loops are very easy to put on and remove
  • Sold in pairs

  • How To Size For Huggies Hearing Aid Retainers

    Measuring ears for the correct Huggie Aids Size

    Huggie Aids are made in 1/4 increments packaged in pairs only. Huggie Aids will give you an exact fit if you measure ear correctly; see below.

    1. Measure around the ear with string, as in the picture; make string snug but do not distort the ear lobe. Measure length to the nearest 1/4. Should 1/8 be measured, go up to the next 1/4, eg. 4 1/8, go to 4 1/4. Huggie Aids are very flexible for a perfect fit. The straps are strong for long endurance. Do not leave Huggie Aids on for so long that the ear lobe distorts; watch for the ear to become too big for Huggie Aid and replace with a new larger size.

    2. Remove Earmold; slip hook end into A strap keeping the tube under the hearing aid. Slide B strap over the bottom of the hearing aid; then cover battery door, keeping the tube portion of Huggie Aid to underside of the hearing aid close to the ear. Push mold into the ear through the Huggie Aid circle, not under it.