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Battery Caddie
Our Price: $1.95

  • Holds two hearing aid batteries
  • Convenient key chain design
  • Positive locking closure
  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Tool Loop and Brush
    Our Price: $1.95

    Handy tool for removal of cerumen from earmolds and hearing instruments. Features a wax loop and brush.
    Battery Tester Key Chain
    List Price: $7.00
    Our Price: $3.95
    You save $3.05!

    Pocketsize hearing aid battery tester with storage for 2 spare hearing aid batteries.
    Audiologist Choice Ear Wax Removal System
    List Price: $7.50
    Our Price: $4.95
    You save $2.55!

    This over the counter product gently softens and loosens ear wax with the power of peroxide. It includes a soft rubber bulb syringe which is used to gently flush the wax from the ear.
    The Dry Spot Replacement Desiccant
    List Price: $5.50
    Our Price: $4.95
    You save $0.55!

    Replacement Desiccant for the "Dry Spot" Dehumidifier.
    Clear Sound Hearing Aid Cleaners
    Clearsound Cleaners
    Our Price: $5.50

    Clear Sound Hearing Aid Cleaners safely keeps hearing aid vent free of wax and debris. The Non-metallic construction won't scratch your hearing aid and the nylon fibers absorb moisture from the hearing aid canal. Has a "thread and pull" cleaning action keeps hearing aid clear-sounding. more effective than picks and brushes.
    Our Price: $5.95

    Soothing, refreshing ear cream relieves and prevents itching and skin irritation resulting from extended wear of hearing aids.
    Earmold Cleansing Tablets
    Cleaning Tablets pack of 20
    Our Price: $5.95

    Earmold Cleansing Tablets
    Effervescent tablets use active oxygen to remove cerumen and bubble away debris from earmolds. Simply place your earmold and a cleaning tablet into the cup, and add water. Your earmolds are clean and free of earwax within 30 minutes after soaking. You can also use Earmold Cleansing Tablets to clean hearing aid plastic tubes once they are removed from the hearing aid.
  • Box of 20.
  • Audiologist's Choice Audiowipes Mini Can of 36 towelettes
    Audiologist's Choice Audiowipes Mini Can (36 wipes)
    List Price: $7.00
    Our Price: $6.50
    You save $0.50!

    Designed to clean and disinfect hearing aids, headphones, earmolds, ear inserts, specula, assistive listening devices, instruments, telephones...any hard surface.
    Audiologist Choice Ear Mold Spray Cleaner (4 oz.)
    List Price: $8.00
    Our Price: $6.95
    You save $1.05!

    Cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes. Won't harm earmolds or ITEs.Specifically formulated for ITE or CIC hearing aids and earmolds. Available as a 4oz spray bottle